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Periscopes for Personal Use
Periscopes for Business
therapeutic gradeHow to shop for a therapeutic grade essential oil. EODRF D A Compliant by avoiding claims all together.
travel diffuserThree hot tips for using your Travel Diffuser Benefits of using the TaxBot App for home businesses.taxbot
ants killing treesAre ants killing your trees?  honorProspecting Is About Honoring People’s Choices
SunburnToo much sun? What do desert natives use?  boundariesEnforcing Your Boundaries
 shaker bottleIt IS possible to pack healthy for a trip!  business in a bagWhat’s In My Business-In-A-Bag?
 Wake up in a cortisol funk? perfect person

Characteristics of the Perfect Person

My Perfect Small Engine Repairman

 raindrop on feetHow to do Raindrop on your own feet.  new meMy 2016-2017 Goals
 respiratory supportRespiratory support when working with concrete.
 Oiling up before working in the yard.back yard
staying cool Peppermint to stay cool in the heat.
traumaUsing an essential oil for trauma can remind you of that trauma when you use that oil in the future.
arrowGet oils near the spot if you can’t get them on the spot–They still work.
heatCan I Use My Essential Oils After They Have Sat In The Heat?
 distended bellyIs My Belly Size Due All To Fat?
alternativesWhen You Don’t Have The Essential Oil You Need–Grab The Next Best Thing
IMG_2118Living Alkaline Water
bedtimeOiling Up Before Bedtime
body has emotionsYour Body Has Its Own Emotions
 anti vaccineVaccine Exemption Forms
 Making A Surgery Plansurgery
 1. Endometrial Biopsy

2. Relying On Christ

3. Dense Nutrition- Anti-Death Sentence

4. Cleansing Emotions–Forgiveness

5. Surgery Plan

6. Unconditional Love
facing mortality