Therapeutic Massage
Muscles release on their own when they are good and malleable. I use targeted strokes to aide muscles to relax which then takes pressure off the skeleton and reduces stress and pain.

Session Lengths

If you are needing a massage, contact Tiffany. My back hasn’t been so happy and relaxed in years!
Marji A.
I am laying here with sinuses draining or stopped up to the point that my face and teeth are aching and all I can think of is “I NEED one of Tiffany’s face massages right now!
Kathaleen M.

By pressing on reflex points located on the feet, hands and ears, reflexology through nerve pathways has an effect on correlating organs, systems and glands. Reflexology wakes up the body to do its job again. It brings about relaxation and rejuvenation.

Session Lengths

Ionic Foot Bath
The ions from the ionic foot bath give the cells the necessary energy they need to eliminate wastes. Detoxing the body is an integral part of reversing health conditions.

Raindrop Technique
Raindrop Technique incorporates essential oils that have an effect on the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. It releases long-held patterns which cause pain and even disfigurement.

With or Without Massage?

Emotional Release
The memory of events is stored in our cells. We unknowingly repeat patterns which keep us blocked and from fulfilling the measure of our creation. Essential oils are known for releasing these blocks which allows us to move forward so we may accomplish our dreams. Appointments are live, by phone or by Skype?

Intuitive Session
I am able to use my gift as an intuitive to discern what products and modalities will help you reverse your spiritual and physical health condition. This saves you time and money on things that aren’t working for you. Sessions are live, by phone or by Skype.